The starting and ending points of the race have been updated in front of the Çeşme Courthouse, and the total length of the track is 107 kilometers. After 100 meters from the start, turn right at Migros junction 1,7. km. On the other hand, at the Bus Station junction, you turn left and continue on a narrow road with a cold asphalt surface until the 5th kilometer. (This section will be passed out of the race collectively.) 4.4. km. Just before it, there are two 90-degree sharp turns, first right and then left, which must be passed carefully. (under the bridge)

At the end of the first 5 kilometers to be passed with Neutral Start, the first 1 km in the section where the real start of the race will be given. wide and hot asphalt smooth road. Afterwards, the narrow, bumpy and cold asphalt section of the track begins, which must be passed very carefully.

9.5. km. There is a sharp turn to the left on the bridge after the descent. It constitutes one of the important places to be considered in this section.

The 11th km of the race is 1 km with a left turn. The first serious climbing section, which finds a 15% slope in places in length, begins. At the end of the climb, 12.6. km, which starts with a slope of 20% and 13.6. km. There is a steep descent that needs to be passed very carefully, where there are 90-degree hairpins to the right and left, continuing until the end. This part should be given the utmost attention. 18.8. km. Although the asphalt floor is quite bad in this section, until the hot asphalt section that starts at the beginning of the year, the pits on the surface are completely covered.

23. Km. After passing under the Viaduct in Alaçatı, along Rıza Ertan Street, approximately 3 km until you reach the Main Road. Although the street is hot asphalt, it is necessary to be careful with the bumps on the road and the low manhole covers below the ground.

At the 26th km, our entrance to the right double road will be from the opposite direction of the road. We will return to Şifne, Ildır direction, approximately 1.6 km from the opposite direction of the road. After this section 45.3. km. Continuing on a smooth and high quality hot asphalt surface until the end of the year, the transition to a wide and smooth surfaced cold asphalt road is made as of the starting point of the most serious climbing sections. After the slope, especially after passing Kadıovacık village, the descent is quite fast and the corners are sharp. It is necessary to pay attention in this section, too.

56.5. km. With a sharp turn to the left, the route will take a right turn at the 65th kilometer on a narrow road in the direction of Gülbahçe) Loose gravel accumulated on the right and left of the road until the Karaburun Asfaltı road may pose a risk. Particular attention should be paid to the descent of this section. With the return to the İzmir – Çeşme road at the 73rd kilometer, another important climb of the race begins. Until the end of the climb, the ground is high quality hot asphalt, and the last 8 kilometers of the race, together with the descent, is cold asphalt, but the ground is smooth and adequate.

The finish of the race is in front of the Çeşme Courthouse, where it started after crossing the Migros junction, and the Total Distance is 107 kilometers.

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