Çeşme is hosting Veloturk Gran Fondo with magnificent beaches, festivals and delicious Aegean Cuisine.

The area of Çeşme is in the form of a peninsula that is to the west of İzmir. Çeşme, which is located at the westernmost point of Turkey, has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in recent years. Located at approximately 80 km from İzmir, Çeşme is an area that is very easy to reach thanks to the modern roadway network. The area, which has sunshine around 300 days of the year, is an important touristic destination. Furthermore, the thermal water that is available in almost no other holiday resorts is available in certain parts and facilities.

The city walls are the prominently visible ruins in Ildırı. Additionally, the acropolis, the theatre to the north of it, the villas dating back to the Hellenistic Period and Roman Period unearthed during excavations, the Athena temple dated to the Archaic Era, the church built during the Byzantine period, the Roman villa and mosaics in the place called Cennettepe as well as the Turkish bath built in the Late Roman-Byzantine Era can be visited. The military and civilian buildings excavated in the antique city of Ildırı during excavations and explorations can be visited for free by visitors.

In the 18th century, wealthy people from İzmir started to develop Çeşme for different purposes; this upper class who were aware of the invaluable sea, beaches and spas of this region came to use it as a summer escape. Until the last 20 years, Çeşme preserved its tranquility and calmness as the summer resort of the people of İzmir. After the construction of the highway, Çeşme developed at a very rapid pace.

With its wide and white-sanded beaches that are nearly 2 km long, quality accommodation facilities and spa resorts, Çeşme is a popular tourism destination. The hot thermal waters bubbling through the sea turn the Ilıca beach and other beaches in the region into large thermal pools. This region, which can compete with the most beautiful beaches of not only Turkey, but also the entire world, has become one of our most important touristic hubs in this region.

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