Rules and Regulations

1. Introduction

1.1. These rules shall apply to the Velotürk Gran Fondo Çeşme 2024.
1.2. By registration and participation in the Velotürk Gran Fondo Çeşme every participant accepts these rules.
1.3. Each rider shall make himself/herself acquainted with the content of the race pack issued upon accreditation and shall verify if the data are correct.

2. Race Categories

Race categories are according to gender and age.



- Youth Men (16-17)
- Elite Men (18-34)
- Master Men (35-39)
- Master Men (40-44)
- Master Men (45-49)
- Master Men (50-54)
- Master Men (55-59)
- Master Men (60-64)
- Master Men (65+)
- General Classification - Men


- Youth Women (16-17)
- Elite Women (18-34)
- Master Women (35-39)
- Master Women (40-44)
- Master Women (45-49)
- Master Women (50-54)
- Master Women (55-59)
- Master Women (60-64)
- Master Women (65+)
- General Classification - Women

Paralimpic B

General Classification

Paralimpic C

General Classification

3. Teams

There is no team order.

4. Bicycles and Equipment

4.1. General

4.1.1. Only human-powered, two-wheeled bikes with a freewheel assembly and at least 2 brakes that function independently are allowed (that means no electro-bikes, no motor bikes).
4.1.2. Every participant is responsible for the safety of his/her own bicycle. Particular attention must be paid to functioning brakes and other safety-related components.
4.1.3. Participants who after the start of the race are found to use bikes that are not in compliance with the rules will be abandoned from the race and disqualified.
4.1.4. Bottle holders may only be attached to the down and seat tube of the frame.

4.2. Racing Bikes

The use of a road/racing bike is no requirement but desired. There are no regulations as regards frame geometry as long as it does not significantly limit the general riding safety.

4.3. Mountain Bikes, Trekking and City Bikes

Such types of bike may be used. Please take note of the factors such as minimum average speed, time limits and security when choosing a bike.

4.4. Special Regulations

The material and types of bicycles listed below shall be expressly excluded from use for the race:
- Triathlon, horn-type and delta handlebars resp.
- Handlebar attachments of any kind
- Single speeds of any kind
- Hand bikes of any kind
- Panniers and other loads
- Any kind of audio device or ear covers that may impair hearing, and consequently the ability to react in road traffic or in a competition (i.e. no MP3 players, no earphones, no earplugs).

5. Helmet, Race Number

5.1. Helmet

Wearing a helmet is compulsory at all times. All helmets must meet the current DIN 33954, SNEL and/or ANSI safety standards.

5.2. Race Number

It must be affixed clearly visible, securely and in full size on both sides of the rider's back near the jersey pockets and under the saddle respectively.

6. Conditions of Participation

6.1. Velotürk Gran Fondo Çeşme short course is open to all road cyclists who are 16 years old or over (born on 05 November 2007 or earlier).
6.2. Every participant should have a valid cycling or triathlon license OR a health certificate signed by a doctor, mentioning that he/she can take place in bike races.
6.3. Applicants who have been involved in doping offences within the last 5 years, whether as active sportsmen/women or in some other capacity, are barred from taking part.

7. Special Features of the Velotürk Gran Fondo Çeşme

7.1. Motorcycle Escort

7.1.1. The open race will be accompanied by a neutral motorcycle escort.
7.1.2. The motorcycle escort carries out the following functions:
Escort of the race and supervision to establish that the race is conducted in accordance with the rules, including recording of individual infringements of the rules.
Removal of non-participants from the course.
Provision of first aid materials in the event of a downfall.

8. Rankings

8.1. Overall Individual Ranking

The overall individual ranking splits into male and female participants and the race course distance. Based on this, there will be an "Overall Individual Ranking Men" and an "Overall Individual Ranking Women".

8.2. Ranking by Race Categories

Athletes who have a degree in the general classification will be able to take the podium in their age group.

9. Timing

9.1. Each participant's finishing time will be recorded individually and electronically.
9.2. The timing transponder issued upon accreditation has to be attached at the bike as instructed unless another timing system is used.
9.3. The start time for all participants is the time that start is given.

10. Food During the Race

10.1. At least one food point will be set up her distance at the Velotürk Gran Fondo Çeşme. This will always be located one the right side of the road. The participants can benefit from the services provided at the feed zones only by stopping.
10.2. Such catering points will be announced on right side of the road by signs put up at 1 km. before their location.
10.3. The rider must indicate his/her intention to take up food by giving clear hand signals, keeping to the right, veering from the course cautiously and considerately, and coming to a halt.
10.4. Taking food from escorting vehicles is not permitted. Any deviation from this rule shall be changed under certain weather conditions only and will be announced at the technical meeting 1 day before the race.
10.5. Riders must not accept food or drink from bystanders along the course or from their own support party.

11. Drop Out or Interruption of Race

11.1. If a rider is forced to interrupt or finish the race due to a mechanical breakdown, defect, health problems etc. he/she has to indicate this immediately to the other riders by raising his/her right arm and then stopping at the nearest side of the road. The rider can cross to the right side of the road at the next safest opportunity, should he/she not be on that side yet. There, he/she has to wait for the escort vehicle and indicate, by raising his/her right arm again, that assistance will be needed.
11.2. Leaving the race course results in disqualification, even if the participant returns to the race course. Official food points are part of the race course.

12. Own Escort Vehicles and Help by Third Parties

12.1. It is strictly prohibited for personal or team escort vehicles to drive inside the cordoned off race course.
12.2. It is also not allowed to accept technical assistance or food from press vehicles or other authorized vehicles that do not belong to the direct race organization.
12.3. In case of health problems or crashes it shall be expressly allowed to accept external assistance.

13. Average Speed and Sag Wagon

13.1. Feed zone transit times will be inspected by the race committee. Monitoring the state of traffic, the race committee, in coordination with the escorting police, may withdraw far-trailing participants from the race, who are riding below the average minimum speed limit and that are unlikely to reach the feed zone at the specified time limit.
13.2. If a rider is due to defect, health problems or otherwise unable to reach feed zone at the specified time limit, he/she has to withdraw from the race and get into the sag wagon upon request by the race organizers.
13.3. The instructions given by officials and the sag wagon staff shall be strictly followed.
13.4. Riders who reach the finish behind the specified time limit will be disqualified and appear on the ranking list with the finishing time, but will not be ranked.

14. General Riding Regulations

14.1. Participants are not allowed to hinder other riders from passing, or cut riders off/force riders off the road. Contact with other riders is to be avoided whenever possible. Any forcing aside, pulling, pushing etc. for the purpose of personal or mutual benefit or other hindrances, such as sudden leaving of the lane or stopping during or in the run-out of the race without compelling reasons shall be penalized according to the list of penalties (see section 16).
14.2. Slip-streaming behind or holding onto motor vehicles is prohibited. This shall also apply while reinvolving in the race after crashes or defects.
14.3. The passing of food or refreshments among participants shall be allowed.
14.4. Any discarding of objects of any sort, including waste or empty bottles shall be prohibited and will be punished according to the list of penalties (see section 16). Every participant has to make sure that his waste and empty drinking bottles are disposed of in no other places than the food points along the race course or at the finish.

15. Material Exchange and Defect Repair

15.1. The exchange of tools and spare parts shall be permitted among the participants, whereas the exchange of wheels and racing bikes is strictly forbidden.
15.2. Bicycle repairs must be made while standing and behind the group on the right side of the road in front of the service car, if present. The pavement on the right-hand side of the road, if there is one, should be used for carrying out repairs.

16. Sanctions in Case of Infringements of the Rules

16.1. General

16.1.1. Penalties for offences may only be imposed by the race committee.
16.1.2. The degree of punishment is based on the list in section 16.2. and shall be applied with no exception.
16.1.3. The race committee shall be entitled to impose sanctions also for offences not given in the list below. The degree of punishment shall be determined by the race committee.

16.2. List of Penalties

Due to organizational reasons and for the safety of the participants, the following penalty index shall apply:
1- Defrauding the organizer by participating under a false name: Ban from race for 5 years or lifetime ban.
2- Transfer of own race documents to another person to participate with, without ensuring that said documents: Ban to race for at least 3 subsequent years, lifetime ban if act was deliberate were rightfully transferred onto his/her own name.
3- Defrauding the organizer by using another rider's timing chip: Ban to race for 3 years.
4- Defrauding the organizer by using old or false race number: Ban to race for 3 years.
5- Violence between participants or against other persons: Disqualification and suspension for the 3 following years.
6- Intentional dangerous riding: Disqualification and suspension for the following year.
7- Short cutting or any other deviation from the race course: Disqualification and suspension for the following year.
8- Crossing of closed gates at level crossings: Disqualification and suspension for the following year.
9- Use of bike contrary to the race rules in the race: Disqualification and suspension for the following year.
10- Racing without helmet or taking off helmet during race: Disqualification and suspension for the following year.
11- Race number on back and transponder missing: Disqualification and suspension for the following year.
12- Consciously false declaration of age: 1 to 3 years Ban to race. (If the registration fee has been paid with a false declaration, the fee will not be refunded)

17. Recording of Infringements of the Rules

1- Each year the organizer and the race committee record infringements of the rules at the start, during the race and in the finish area.
2- The infringements recorded are saved in the form of a list of infringements.
3- Participants will apply to the organization committee by filling in the "objection form" found in the race office and adding possible evidence to the race committee for any violations of the rules they have witnessed or for any personal race results that they think is not correct. At the end of the race, objections will be examined by the organizing committee and the decision will be reported.

18. Rights of Visual Material Use

The participants authorize the Organization to freely use and distribute any images and videos depicting them during the event.

19. Waiver of Responsibility

Voluntary registration and subsequent participation in Velotürk Gran Fondo Çeşme indicates full acceptance of the rules and any changes they may have to undergo. By registering, the participant exempts the organizers from any liability, whether civil or criminal, for damage to persons and/or property caused by or to him/her.

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